About us

About Us

Newhaven Primary School is situated on the South Eastern coast of Phillip Island, located in the fishing village of Newhaven.  The first township encountered as you cross the bridge from the mainland town of San Remo, Newhaven offers a peaceful and picturesque location for our school.

Newhaven Primary School is a Victorian Government (Prep to Grade 6) School, established in 1892.  The school was completely rebuilt in 2001, and we enjoy excellent facilities, including a small hall, a large hall, seven classrooms, an Art Room, Library and Administration buildings, as well as access to our own small oval, and neighbouring Newhaven Reserve.  Children are provided with two playgrounds, a Covered Outdoor Learning Space, and we also boast a Bike Education Course, a walking track with exercise stations around our oval, and a bike shed.

In 2020 we have 132 students across six classrooms, comprising a straight Prep class, a Grade 1/2, a Grade 2/3, a Grade 3/4, a Grade 4/5 and a Grade 5/6.  This distribution of classes is reviewed each year to provide the best make up according to enrollments.

Newhaven Primary School fosters the involvement of the wider school community in its programs and activities.  We value the partnerships between home and school and encourage our students to understand their role as community members.  Volunteers make a difference to the lives of our children by assisting with:

  • Reading
  • Perceptual Motor Programs (PMP)
  • Learning Assistance Program (LAP)
  • Special Projects e.g. Fete
  • Bicycle Education/Ride2School
  • Canteen/Sushi
  • Drama/Art/PE/Science/Music
  • Sport



Newhaven Primary School is proud of its achievements in student learning.  Our teachers are fully qualified primary educators with training in Australia’s leading program for Early Years literacy and numeracy.  This program continues through to Grade 4.  Continuity is assured and statewide testing will provide you with information as to your child’s performance compared to other children in the state.  The middle years literacy and numeracy programs commence in Grade 5 to prepare your child for secondary college.

Early intervention programs in reading and mathematics support students with learning difficulties.


Student Welfare

Ensuring your child is happy and safe at school is important to parents, students and our staff.  Our  anti-bullying strategy and positive student management policy combine to build resilience, self-esteem and confidence in our students.  Our children flourish in a caring environment where their concerns are listened to and acted upon.  We also have a values education program in place across all year levels with this providing consistency for all of our students.

While the buddy program is primarily to support preps in our school, it also provides opportunities for our senior students to demonstrate a caring and responsible role in the school.


Student Participation & Leadership

We have a number of programs that allow children to develop a sense of community responsibility, demonstrate their willingness to influence the culture of their school and take on leadership roles.  Our children remember their experience as a senior student with pride  These include:

  • Buddy Program
  • House Captains
  • Junior School Council
  • Public Speaking Events
  • School Magazine
  • Assembly Presentation
  • Grade 6 Boys’ & Girls’ Special Activity Groups


Co Curricula Programs

These programs significantly add to the memories that children retain when they look back on their primary years.  They are the fun activities that make school special.

  • Camps and Excursions
  • Inter-school Sport
  • Cultural visitors
  • Musical performances
  • Bicycle Education


Transition from Preschool to Prep

Newhaven Primary School has well established transition programs in place for students entering and exiting our school.  Strong communication links with our feeder preschool, along with our very successful orientation program for preschool students, ensure a timely and happy transition from preschool to primary school.  Our Grade 6 students participate in a transition and orientation program with Wonthaggi Secondary College each year. This helps prepare students through both social and educational programs for their transition to secondary school.

Moving to primary school is a big step, and we aim to make this as smooth and positive as possible, by providing a Transition Program during November and December for preschool students.

We welcome visits to the school—please just contact the school to arrange a time to look around and meet staff.

We take enrollments for the following year at any time, and appreciate receipt of enrollment forms for Prep by September of the year prior to commencement.